A simple, yet subtle card game
about matching and stacking.


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Willy Yonkers & CubeFire

​CubeFire is an invention studio I started after leaving ThinkGeek in 2015. I've had various day jobs doing design and engineering but my real passion is making fun things. FYRA is the first step towards building a small company, based in Rochester New York, that would design and manufacture a wide variety of toys, games, decorative objects, gizmos and doodads.

I have a wide network of supporting experts and manufacturing partners to help out with the parts of product development that I'm not as experienced with, but I believe reinvigorating the local manufacturing base in Western New York can help improve the quality of life of the people who have roots here going back generations. Far-East manufacturing is a great resource, but it's hard to ignore the social and economic costs of moving anything half way the way around the globe. 

If you're interested in joining my journey to bring manufacturing back to Western New York and think your facility could be a mutually beneficial partner in the future, message me on LinkedIn.

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Rochester New York, USA