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Four letter word. Fire? Fyre festival? Fahrvergnügen?

Welcome gamers of the world!

Fyra is the first game I've published without the assistance of a larger manufacturer or distributer. I came upon the idea browsing a Barnes & Noble bookstore outside of Atlanta while traveling to a trade show. I wanted to create a new card game that would allow for players to partially stack cards in some meaningful way that had gameplay with an element of skill in addition to the chance provided by a shuffled deck.

This is actually the second tabletop game I can claim full inventorship on - Back in 2016 I licensed a game which I called "Egalitarian Chess" to Mattel, who changed the name, added a couple of tweaks, and created their own branding and graphics. Check out the Board Game Geek page here. I don't think it has been promoted much in the USA, but hopefully it will help bring new players to chess like The Queen's Gambit mini-series has.

Back to that weird name. The game is very simple in concept and very colorful, just like another famous card game: UNO. Uno means one in Spanish, so I wanted to find a similar word meaning four to reference the four colors and corners on the cards. Words like cuatro (Spanish), quatre (French), & quatro (Portugese) all made me think of Audi's 4-wheel drive system from the 80's. Nordic languages have words for four that start with F: fire (Danish & Norwegian), & fyra in Swedish.

Fire has some pretty concrete meanings in English, but fyra doesn't mean much in the states. In fact the only major hits on Google are high-speed rail system between the Netherlands and Belgium, a pizza oven, and characters from the game Nier: Automata and Fortnite. Additionally, it looks pretty close to Freyja, the name of a Norse Goddess who rides a chariot pulled by a team of cats. How cool is that!

Aside from it being a bit of a tongue-twister and easily confused with the the ill-fated music festival in 2017, I think it's kinda awesome :)

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